We are actively committed to preserve and enhance the conditions for Yoga to continue to enrich human experience, understanding and culture, as it has been doing for thousands of years.  These conditions are various but  underpinning them all is that individuals can practise and share their Yoga in freedom. We are dedicated to resisting the dilution of the rich and diverse heritage of Yoga through any standardisation of method or dogmatic institutionalisation of particular ideologies or philosophies. Our commitment to create, maintain, and enhance the conditions for Yoga to flourish are central to all of our activities.

Legally, we are a UK Company limited by guarantee with no shareholders. The three company directors are elected by the voting members on an annual basis. We act on behalf of Yoga, Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners everywhere through small, dedicated teams of concerned and committed individuals responsible for our many activities. No profit is made and no dividends are paid.

Voting Membership of the IYN is to the heads of any Yoga Teacher Training School that can show that its course is based on the three universal principles of Svadhaya, Ahimsa and Satya. Two Qualified Yoga Teachers and three others may also be co-opted as voting members to broaden the voting base of the network. Non-voting membership is open to any qualified or trainee Yoga teacher that satisfies the criteria of The Yoga Register.