Independent Yoga Network (IYN)
Privacy Statement

The Independent Yoga Network Ltd necessarily holds personal data on its Registered Yoga Teachers. This data is not 'special category' data as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but consist mainly in contact details, correspondence about specific matters e.g. request for advice, and applications for registration. None of this data will be shared with other parties, with three lawful exceptions.

  • The first exception is that applicants supplying applications for insurance cover given by insurance alongside their IYN application will have the application passed over to by the IYN. In the event that a application is not supplied to the IYN no such transfer of data will take place. Evidence of other adequate insurance cover will instead be required.
  • The second exception is that there is a legally enforceable requirement to share data e.g. by a court order.
  • The third is that a teacher's data may be published on the IYN web site[s] because the teacher has opted in to have such details published at the time of application or in writing subsequently. Without specific opt-ins of each data item, no data will be published on any IYN web site. The lawful basis for this third data use is 'consent' as defined by the GDPR.

The registered teacher's data can be removed or updated at anytime and immediately if the 'data controller' [as defined in the GDPR] is informed of what is desired by the subject of the data. The data controller for the IYN is the Membership Secretary. This will, however, mean that reminders to renew registration cannot be sent and registration will therefore cease when its term has elapsed. If the teacher requests it, either in writing or orally, registration can cease at any time and data be removed from the IYN records and web sites at the behest of the teacher. The IYN can also terminate registration for reasons given in the contractual agreement signed by teachers at the time of application. In such an event all data pertaining to the teacher will be removed from records and web sites.

The uses that the IYN will put the teacher's data to are as follows. [1] Registered teachers will be reminded when their personal registration [or school renewal if they have a school] is due for renewal. [2] Registered teachers will be asked, where appropriate and as defined by the IYN constitution, on occasions to vote for Directors of the IYN and also on specific issues of concern to Yoga Teachers on which the IYN proposes to take action. [3] Registered Teachers will be informed of IYN events and news relating to Yoga in general which it is in their interest to know. The lawful basis for using teacher's data in these ways is that there exists a contract between the IYN and the registered teacher which the teacher signs at the time of application. The IYN's obligation to the contract is outlined in the application documents and fleshed out in the IYN constitution and it justifies the above three uses of the teachers' data according to the conditions required by the GDPR.

As required by the GDPR, the teacher's data is in his/her control. To update or remove data contact