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Akasha Yoga Academy

Akasha Yoga Academy

Based in West Sussex, our Teacher Training Course’s (TTC) aim is to prepare trainee teachers with a firm, well-rounded foundation, so they can teach with knowledge of, and confidence in many aspects of Yoga.

The course is also suitable for anyone wanting to deepen their own understanding of, and practice of yoga.

The TTC is designed to give trainee teachers the best foundation possible to deepen their own practice and be fully prepared to go on to teach. Our certificates are well and truly earned!

The next 230 hour TTC runs from March-August 2023. This will be spread over 4 weekends and 2 x 5 days made up as follows -

In person training:

  • 4  x Weekends: March 10th-12th,  April 14th-16th,  May 12th-14th and June 23rd-25th (Fridays 18.00-21.00, Saturdays 7.00-17.00 & Sundays 7.00-14.00)
  • 2 x 5 days: July 29th-August 2nd & August 19th-23rd (Saturdays-Wednesdays 7.00-17.00)

Non-contact training:

  •    Online anatomy course
  •    Keeping a self-practice diary
  •    Class preparation
  •    Case studies – teaching your family/friends

The anatomy section is a unique 30 hours online + in-person course that’s exclusively available through Teacher Training programs: Fundamentals.

Aspects of yoga we will be covering are:

  •    Āsana – both in terms of building up your own practice, understanding each āsana and exercise, modifications for those less or more able, verbally adjusting a student and gaining the skills to teach. We will study  around 55 āsanas in-depth
  •    Prāṇāyāma   – looking at various different Prāṇāyāmas, their benefits and how to teach these
  •    Meditation – you will learn simple meditation techniques to deepen your own practice and to utilise this in teaching
  •    Basic Sanskrit –  learning the sanskrit words for each posture we practice and are likely to teach, looking at correct pronunciation
  •    Chanting –  chants that can be used to open or close a practice
  •    Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras– you will study the first pāda  (chapter)
  •    The 8 limbs of  yoga – we will look at each of the 8 limbs of yoga
  •    Bandhas – Mūla  bandha and Uḍḍiyāna  bandha
  •    Kriyas –   Jalaneti, Sūtraneti and Kapalabhati
  •    Anatomy – details on
  •    Establishing/maintaining  a self-practice
  •    Teaching techniques
  •    How to teach  effectively and safely
  •    How to start teaching/setting up a class
  •    Lesson planning –  how to structure a class
  •    Setting up your own business
  •    Teaching – both  within the trainee teachers’ group and to others

Please note – this course is for all levels, not just those with an adept practice. If you have a genuine interest in becoming the best practitioner/ and teacher you can be, this course is for you. A desire to learn and share yoga with those around you is more important than which postures you can do.

To qualify you will need:

  •    100% attendance
  •    to complete all  assignments
  •    to demonstrate  that you are ready to teach

You will be continually assessed throughout the course. My aim is that everyone passes on the last day of the course, but this is not guaranteed, it needs to be earned! However, if this doesn’t happen, I will work with you to resolve anything outstanding. If more supported teaching time is needed I may be able facilitate this during or after the course ends. If 100% attendance isn’t achieved it is likely that you can defer to the next course to make up your required hours or privately. I want you to pass, however there is no fail, there’s either passed or not yet passed!

Course teacher

The TTC is run by myself, Jody Lawrance. I am one of the co-founders of Yoga Akasha, established in 2008, and the currant owner and director. I started practicing Ashtanga yoga in 1991, gaining permission to teach from BNS Iyengar in Mysore, India. I have since trained extensively with Acharya Venkatesha and his wife Acharye Hema since 2001, also in Mysore, in a more traditional Hatha Yoga. I am also qualified in Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Pregnancy and Baby Yoga plus Yoga Therapy. I am trained in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Thai Yoga massage.
Since 2002 I have taught on regular yoga holidays in the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, The Gambia and India, loving the opportunity to teach students while away from their usual business and therefore able to deepen their practice.
My desire to access the stillness within, led me to live in a Buddhist community in Brighton for 8 months and continue to attend classes, courses and retreats there regularly. I enjoy the harmony and balance that Yoga and Buddhism bring to my daily life and believe they can help us all draw closer to true contentment and inner peace. When looking at this TTC’s aims, it is paramount that delivering a course my teachers would be proud of, is at the forefront of my mind – ensuring I reflect the depth of my own studies, in this course to share with sincere students. I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter, all of whom are treasured gifts and my greatest teachers.

Course Fees

The cost of the 230 hour Teacher Training Course 2023 is £2,995. If your deposit is received by November 30th 2022, a £250 discount will be applied.
This includes:

  •    Tuition
  •    Yoga Anatomy Course
  •    Certificate upon successful completion

Not included:

  •    Student insurance
  •    Accommodation if  required nearby (training is in West Sussex)
  •    Food during training
  •    Required books for the course – ‘Light on Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar available from  Amazon for  about £11.66 and Yoga Anatomy by Lesley Kaminoff and Amy Matthews available from Amazon for about £10.76.

If you are accepted on the course then a non-refundable deposit of £1,000 and completed booking form will reserve your place. The remaining non-refundable balance of £1,995 (or £1,745 for early booking discount) is due by January 31st 2023.

Payments made will not be refunded. If you are unable to start or complete the teacher training course in cases of family emergencies/health issues etc, it may be possible to defer/complete the next TTC.

For more information or with any questions please email me at

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Aurolab Teacher Training Program

Our Yoga arises from a movement of intense aspiration in the heart and mind. We call on Spirit to guide us towards an authentic revelation of self as we are and the unique gift that we bring to the world. We honour our connection to Source both in its subtle internal expressions and in the forms it takes within Nature.
This training offers practitioners a means to participate in the profound transformations that are the challenges of our time. To implement the change of consciousness necessary to bring about a new way of being in this shifting world, we need to be able to access deeper layers. Teaching Yoga is an effective way to make that change accessible to all. Our program includes all the aspects of the traditional Yogic lore as well as a contemporary understanding of fluid transmission, heart-mindgut pathways and trauma awareness.

​Sri Aurobindo said: ‘All life is Yoga’ …
Resources are to be found in all that life brings to us, learning to process experience and draw its rasa, its essence, which provides nourishment and growth. Later there is a release of what is no longer needed, a loosening of attachment into a wide eyed, impetuous and creative energy that may be called love.
Love arises as an unstoppable wave towards our own marvel, the mystery and beauty of otherness and the magic of the world. To manifest a practice that is verily our own, we attempt to disentangle ourselves from our personal and collective conditionings and rise with newly found wings into the vastness of our human spirit to retrieve forgotten talents and intuitive knowing.
Yoga is a gift that comes from the dawn of time transcending cultural specificities and trends for it addresses our very humanity. It requires steady dedication, diligent and intelligent practice over a long period of time, joyous curiosity and undivided attention. Its promise is freedom and with it, full responsibility.
AurolabYoga teacher training prepares each practitioner to access their own Yoga with steady confidence, clarity of purpose and a renewed drive to support the transitions that we are facing. The program will prepare each person to deliver well informed, safe and inspiring classes that will be an invaluable resource for communities and participate in the evolution of our collective consciousness.

This is an interactive training where each person is encouraged to reflect on the teachings and evaluate the impact they have on their practice and life. The emphasis is on process rather than performance and with the group’s support we create a safe space for each to understand and verbalise their personal journey. It is from your internal experience that you will source your deepest insights, and it is those insights that will reveal your individual teaching voice. Here you will always be free to make choices and develop both your personal and teaching practices in resonance with your deeper nature.
a is an art that requires continuous self enquiry and an understanding of personal process. A teacher needs to be established in a regular and intelligent practice, one that constitutes an appropriate response to present conditions and that is good for the whole organism.
This implies a good knowledge and understanding of Yogic language in both theory and practice, and a commitment to the following Yogic principles - ahimsa – non harm, satya – honesty, svadhyaya, self-study in the light of yogic texts.

The course is experiential and essentially practical. The program is flexible, inclusive and well adapted to contemporary needs. It is formulated to support you in the deepening of your personal practice and help you develop the ability to transmit your experience and understanding of Yoga in a clear, skilful, safe and compassionate way.

‣ History of Yoga, contextualising contemporary practice
‣ Full asana spectrum: the art of standing , sitting, forward bends, back bends, twists, navamala, hand balances, sirsasana and sarvangasana full cycles.
‣ Anatomy and physiology of the bandhas
‣ Physiology of the nervous system and the role of the vagus nerve
‣ Spinal integration and the energy body
‣ Kriyas, bandhas and mudras. Cleansing, gathering and radiating.
‣ Mapping the body energy field: koshas and chakras
‣ Reading and understanding the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. The eight limbs, the seven principles and other concepts
‣ Pranayama, the nature and effect of prana and the vayus
‣ Practice and study of sacred sound, Nada Yoga, inner vibration and ‣ ‣ Mantra: ‘The thought that liberates’.
‣ Meditation, theory and practice
‣ Yoga Nidra, theory and practice

‣How to establish a regular intelligent self practice from which to draw your teaching voice. Svadhyaya, self-study. How to meet your edges and respect your limits. Applied ahimsa.
‣Recognise and develop your personal teaching talents.
‣Technical rigour and spiritual inspiration, how to combine accuracy, clarity and creativity
‣Instructions, invitations, teaching, guidance, establishing and respecting boundaries: the language of yoga
‣The art of demonstration. What to do and how. The things to avoid.
‣Observation skills, learning to see and what to look for.
‣How the body works, anatomical and energetic considerations.
‣Restoring equilibrium through skilful touch and trauma informed teaching methods.
‣ How to modify postures to assist with common ailments back pain, joint stiffness, stress etc.
‣ Sanskrit terminology and basic pronunciation
‣ Yoga, a spiritual practice for a spiritual life, the art of transmission, what do we pass on?
‣Responsibility and ethics in teaching Yoga. Code of conduct for the Yoga teacher

Participants are required to complete all the course criteria as follows:
✓To attend all study sessions and complete all practice assignments
✓To establish a regular self-practice which includes quiet sitting, asana and breath awareness
✓To establish regular peer practices and study sessions
✓To commit to the practitioner code
✓To complete and present a Yoga related Project at the end of the course

Students are invited to keep a personal practice diary where reflections, insights, questions and creative research can be recorded.
At the end of the course students will have produced a project on a chosen subject relevant to Yoga . A variety of presentations are possible. You will get full support for this assignment (detailed project notes will be given in good time)
On completion of all the course’s requirements students will be awarded the Aurolab Yoga certificate recognised by the IYN.

Applicants must have a commitment to deepen their understanding of the subject and enter the course with an open mind and heart. It is important to be prepared to drop any preconceptions and be willing to learn in new ways. Applicants must take responsibility for their own growth and learning, with the support of the tutors and fellow group members. They will have the curiosity and willingness to deepen their awareness of self and have a minimum of 2 years regular practice in any style of Yoga.

The 200h program (180 contact hours) is delivered in 24 days.
over sixteen months.
Friday 9am to Monday 5.30pm
The fee £2500 includes all tuition, hand outs and certification.
Teas and fruit will be available throughout the day,
Please bring your own already cooked lunches.
A microwave oven is available to warm up your meals.
We can accommodate up to five students.
Contact us for full board details.
A £500 non refundable first instalment is payable on application.
Balance payment I :
4 direct debit payments of £500 on dates to be arranged to your
Balance payment II :
Monthly direct debit payment of £200 to be paid over 10 months on
dates to be arranged at your convenience.
Please note that moneys paid will not be reimbursed.
Other payment arrangements can be discussed and agreed upon
before the course starts. The AurolabYoga Certificate will be delivered
upon completion of all requirements and full payment of the course.

2022 - 25-28 Nov
2023 - 24-27 Feb / 26-30 May / 25-29 August / 24-27 Nov
2024 - 24-25 Feb
We also offer Teacher Development Study Programs.

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We are principally concerned in providing conditions for the development and deepening of greater awareness, confidence and self-discovery.We draws on our extensive yoga and meditation experience. We emphasise the cultivation of mindfulness (sati) or awareness through Hatha yoga and meditation practices.We offer a comprehensive 500 hours of training withCertification for 200 hours or 500 hours through the IYN. At the end of the course graduates can teach under the auspices of BODHIYOGA and attend on going training yoga and meditation retreats.The teacher training modules are located in Spain, run with a maximum of 12 participants to facilitate an intimate and effective learning environment, with plenty of contact between students and teachers.

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Body Symphonies 300 Hour Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Training

Course Content
Classical Yoga is taught alongside somatic awareness, movement and sound. In the 300-hour course we will also look at how to teach safely and with compassion. We will study philosophy and anatomy and physiology, mainly in the context of the work. We will cover how to teach, advise and correct, while reflecting on what seems to work (or not) and the reasons why that may be. The more the course unfolds, the more your own enquiries will create the ground from which we will progress.
We will devote part of the training to looking at what most commonly shows up in a class, ranging from organisational considerations to injuries and some ways to address them. A key element is understanding the creative ways to support someone in a pose, enabling you to adapt your teaching to the individual. You will learn how to discern who in class is the person who needs you to assist the most and why that is, and how to offer help in different forms.
We will:

  • learn to get to know our own body and energy fields    
  • work with asanas, pranayama, bandhas and meditation, breath, movement, micromovements and spontaneous instinctual movement
  • use the above to investigate in great depth the internal cavities of the abdomen, chest, throat and head as well as the feelings and sensations of our overall being    
  • draw our own map  of what will inform our own awareness, self-knowledge, physiological, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual growth.

Assignments will be completed during the course between modules.
You will be expected to shadow 38 classes of at least an hour from different teachers. Annamaria will teach a regular Friday night class which you will be recommended to attend to shadow her.
Each participant will receive one to one mentorship every 6 weeks (the time frame may change depending on participant numbers).
You will be required to:

  •  continue your own practice
  • undertake reflective journaling
  • study in your own time
  • attend classes    
  • in the second part of the course start practicing teaching a group of friends
  • complete assignments given between modules

Teaching enquiries are addressed as a group as well as in the one to one mentorship/supervision sessions.
Contact time, including teaching and shadowing, will form at least 240 of the 300 hours.

The Course Director
The Director of this teacher training course, Annamaria Sacco, started practising yoga in 1991. Annamaria created and successfully ran Yoga Stable in Edinburgh for sixteen years. Annamaria taught around 100 students per week in person for over fifteen years and has a wealth of teaching knowledge to share.
Annamaria trained and taught in the Iyengar System until 2020, under the main influence of Firooza Ali Razvi, with whom Annamaria studied regularly for 16 years. Over her time studying the Iyengar system Annamaria felt that what she was connecting with through the practice was simply Yoga. The years of discipline of deeply listening, honouring and reflecting, developed into a practice which is very deep, somatically informed, archetypal, instinctual, compassionate, open and forever curious. Annamaria taught regular classes to students of all ages and abilities, remedial yoga classes one to one, prenatal classes and post-natal mother and baby courses during these years.
Her deepest love lies in bringing the practice more fully into our lives, not only experiencing it on our mats. Annamaria chooses simplicity in exposition. She believes in sharing through experiential understanding, with depth and humour, while remaining steeped in openness and self-enquiry,

The Venue is Yoga, Collective. Studio 6.02 at St Margaret’s House, 151 London Rd, Edinburgh.
Snacks are provided during the course. Please bring your own lunch.

14th 15th 16th October 2022
(FIFE RETREAT 29TH OCTOBER-3RD NOVEMBER -If you wish to join us.
Retreats – Body Symphonies )
11th 12th 13th November 2022
9th 10th 11th December 2022
7th 8th 9th January 2023
11th 12th 13th March 2023
8th 9th 10th April 2023
22nd 23rd 24th April 2023
6th 7th 8th May 2023
3rd 4th 5th June 2023
1st 2nd 3rd July 2023
8-9th 10th September 2023
Graduation : 24th September 2023
Cost: £2,900
Deposit of £440 in advance, 10 instalments of £ 246 from 1st October 2022 to 1st July 2023.

Pre requisites:
There are two possible outcomes from this course. You may call it level 1 and 2
If you wish to take the course for your understanding and not necessarily to become a teacher, then all you need is a deep interest, and some practice behind you and you will get a lot out of the course in terms of all of the above. That would be you choosing level 1 for yourself. You take the principles and apply them to your practice and your life.
If you wish to add this course to your teaching qualification, so you take the teaching qualification-level 2- this course has been attended by 200-hour qualified yoga teachers who wished to deepen their understanding of asanas, themselves in their teaching voice, how to correct and support better from a deeper understanding of the work, and more. It has also been attended by

  •    Iyengar yoga intermediate practitioners
  •    Practitioners with a well-established, long-standing and regular practice in another form of yoga
  •    Students who have been attending classes with Annamaria regularly for a number of  years.      

To complete the teaching part, the requirements also include you teaching for the second part of the course, regularly attending the Friday night class and the shadowing of other teachers, complete all assignments and one to one. Student teacher insurance is available and will be discussed separately.

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Brahma Nada Yoga School

Brahma Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh is unique in its offering of a combined yoga and music sadhana.
The school in Rishikesh, India offers twice daily group yoga classes and also private one to one yoga, nada yoga/music, meditation and satsang sessions and an IYN accredited intensive 28 day Nada Yoga Teacher Training Courses though the winter months (Oct. till March). This winter the dates are:
14th Jan. to 10th Feb. 2019 &11th March to 6th April 2019(Interested participants may contact us below)
The TTC Training is a strong combination of practical tuition and guidance in hatha yoga, pranayama, kirtan and meditation combined with a strong focus on musical sadhana and nada yoga (the yoga of sound).This focus springs from over 20 years experience of teaching yoga and music and the ways in which both mutually support and nourish each other towards the same goal in each of the three main teachers in the school.It is intended that a longer (over 6 months) non-residential Nada Yoga Teacher Training course will also be offered through the summer months in the UKTo Connect:Email: brahmanadayogaschool@gmail.comFacebook:

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BSY Group

Yoga Teacher (Hattha Yoga) Course
The first step to a better lifestyle: The BSY Group is one of the largest distance learning colleges in alternative health and complementary therapy in Europe. Our courses have helped thousands of students to achieve their goals and ambitions. In addition, our courses are used by a number of public and private institutions to train their employees.
Your Achievement will be Recognised: Once youve successfully completed your course, youll receive a BSY qualification to recognise your achievement. This will prove of considerable benefit if you wish to start your own practice or further your career. With some of our more advanced courses, youll be entitled to Associate Membership of the School, and be able to use the appropriate letters after your name. Your name will be entered in the Register of Qualified Students. As a holder of the Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) certificate, you will be entitled to register with the IYN / Yoga Register and benefit from a discounted subscription rate of ?25 per annum. We are frequently asked by members of the public, industry and other interested parties for details of practitioners, and with your agreement, we will be happy to put you in touch with clients in your area.
Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) Diploma Course: Yoga means unity. It is derived from the Sanskrit work 'Yuj' which means 'joining'. Yoga is practiced to join the body, mind and soul together, therefore forming a unified spiritual whole. Yoga is a natural development for the body, the mind and the soul. All the movements are natural and come from inside the body, and, as such, one should really feel and enjoy its effect naturally. The practice of Yoga maintains a youthful and healthy body thereby improving everything one does physically and mentally, thus bringing an overall gain in self-esteem. We offer a number of specialist folllow-on courses which the Yoga Teacher courses is a good preparation for: see Students who successfully complete Yoga Diploma courses are entitled to use the appropriate designatory letters after their name.
The Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) course curriculum includes Origins and Philosophy of Yoga, Anataomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Breathing, Relaxation, Movement, Class Management and Practical Training.
For further information:website: email:
write:BSY Ltd, Oakwood,Dunsland Cross,Devon EX22 6DF
Freephone: 0800 731 92710800 731 9271 call (International): 44 1409 22040044 1409 220400 fax (UK): 01409 220401

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