School representatives are invited to take part in the management of the IYN and its various creative projects and to participate in its democratic processes, as well as its ongoing debates.

The registration document can be downloaded from this site. Essentially, the registration process requires the applying school to demonstrate alignment of its programme with Satya, Ahimsa and Svadhyaya as these unfold practically into the details of course delivery and content. The actual philosophical basis and methodology of a programme are not dictated by the IYN, in keeping with its commitment to freedom and diversity. There are three levels of registration dependent on course duration. These are 200 hours, 500 hours and 1000 hours and a school can register for any of these at the same time. The majority of the hours need to be spent by the student in direct contact with the programme teacher(s). At least one of the main deliverers of the course needs to be a registered teacher with us and must have at least 10 years solid teaching experience.

Registration is very helpful to schools since they can assure the public that their work has been examined by their peers. Further, schools can be confident that thorough and rigorous lobbying goes on on their behalf with all bodies that might have an impact on the future development of Yoga. School workshops and retreats can be advertised for free on the Namaskaram web site and details of registered programmes can be displayed on this site. Many schools find that the IYN's culture of debate and teacher exchange greatly stimulates their work, helping it to keep on developing.

Those teachers who are certified by a registered school can register with us as teachers through an easy and straightforward track. School registration therefore is very helpful to its graduates. Students of registered schools can also register as student members and can be insured through our policy if their school would like them to teach and can vouch for their competence and safety. If you have any queries, please get in touch!

School registration

Either register online or download a form, complete and send back via post or email:

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