Registering as a Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Register also makes you a teacher member of the IYN. This entitles you to practical support such as representation on your behalf with an employer, discounted prices on IYN events, publication of your profile and contact details on this site and access to our comprehensive Yoga Teachers' insurance policy.

Importantly, you will know that you belong to a vital and highly diverse Yoga family actively committed to keeping Yoga free and constantly lobbying on behalf of Yoga. The creative core of that family, which pursues the IYN's various projects, and which fosters a culture of sharing and debate, is open to all members who want to contribute.

There are three routes to registration as a teacher and the forms can be downloaded from this site. If you have been certified from one of our registered schools, the procedure is straightforward. If this doesn't apply to you, and you have at least 5000 of teaching experience, then apply as a 'Yoga Elder'. If you fall outside of these two categories, you should then apply as a teacher with 'independent training and experience'. This basically entails you giving an account of your training and experience that shows that it is aligned with the principles of Ahimsa, Satya and Svadhyaya. If in doubt, contact us!

Teacher registration

Either register online or download a form, complete and send back via post or email: