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300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Course

This is a specialist Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (ATTC) for qualified yoga teachers who currently have a 200-hour certificate, and are seeking a 300-hour, post graduate certificate in the fields of classical and accessible yoga.

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Chrysalis Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Chrysalis Kids Yoga teacher training will add to your yoga teaching toolbelt and you will learn the art of teaching yoga & mindfulness to children.   Teaching children is not only fantastically rewarding, but you will be helping to sow positive seeds for future generations.

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Deep Yoga Foundation Course - Discover the Depths of Yoga

At the heart of yoga lies the process of Atma Vichara; a deep, honest & open self enquiry. In this philosophical & experiential course, we will develop a deep & fruitful self practice, that is not restricted to asana. Exploring pranayama, relaxation, mantra, depth psychology & meditation; we will peel back the layers of limiting beliefs that keep us from being able to truly accept & appreciate who we are.  A 60 hour course to guide you in deepening your personal practice of yoga, whilst introducing you to the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras.  Deep Foundations is a sensible way to prepare for Yoga Teacher Training.

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Practical Patanjali

The purpose of this course is to offer experiential engagement with  the three main meditations given by Patanjali in the Meditation is understood as being at the heart of human flourishing, both for its clarifying effect on thought and feeling, and for its practical and creative effects.

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