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A comprehensive 200 hour teacher-training course with an internationally acclaimed faculty fully accredited with The Independent Yoga Network. The course will start with an eight day intensive and continue with six weekend sessions over a total period of seven months.

Increase your knowledge of yoga with some of Europe's leading yoga practitioners and academics. The course involves in depth study of yoga asana , pranayama, meditation , yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy and also the skills needed to launch your career as a yoga teacher.

The Yoga Manchester Teacher Training programme has been developed whether you want to become a yoga teacher or not. It will allow you to deepen into your own practice and understanding of yoga, providing you with all the necessary tools to become an ever-evolving student and teacher.


Syllabus Overview

Asana The YMTT will be based on two separate and complementary, approaches to delivering asana.  These are Yoga Motion, an interdisciplinary vinyasa style and Yoga for Sports.

Yoga Philosophy  Bringing together the ancient knowledge of East with the developments of the West

Anatomy  Understanding Anatomy & Physiology – including bio-mechanics of movement & exercise science.

Pranayama   The science and mechanics of yogic breathing.

Meditation  Developing a personal practice.

Business & Marketing skills  Including how to set up a yoga class in your local area, creating a website and how to use Social Media.


There are many different skills that a Yoga Manchester Teacher Trainee can expect to learn, whether it’s putting together a class plan to understanding and applying rich yoga philosophy, with each underpinned by the four key tenets that are designed to take you from trainee to an ever-evolving successful teacher: Knowledge, Empowerment, Integration, and Growth. In our experience, it is these tenets that nurture and sustain the passion to share yoga with others, and via our leading faculty members you can expect to leave the course feeling grounded in the principles of yoga teaching and inspired to reach your highest potential.



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