Bushey School of Yoga

Principal:Ellen Lee

The Director of Studies has had a strong connection over the years with The Yoga For Health Foundation where she took her training in general and remedial Yoga, and eventually met her personal mentor, Marge Moseley. She has been, and still continues to be, a strong influence on the teachings and philosophy of the School. Like the Yoga For Health Foundations philosophy, the Bushey School of Yoga believes that Yoga is for anyone.

An aspect of the philosophy of the School is that it embraces the feminine; students are encouraged to see black as well as white, dark as well as light, following the belief that in order to find our treasure we often need to go through a murky place!! Given respect, trust will develop and students will feel safe safe enough, then, to find their own treasure/inner strength and ultimate connection to whatever they have faith in.

The Schools goal comes from the Director of Studies initial affirmation, when she first decided to teach Yoga, which was that she had a desire to share the positive benefits of Yoga with as many people as possible. These benefits come in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forms. From belief and experience Yoga has been seen to heal, and is therefore a valuable and precious thing to be able to share. Yoga is a challenge, and it is through challenge that we can come to know ourselves again. Yoga is also something that is meant to be enjoyed so there is a strong belief in the joy of humour, humility and love.

Part of the goal, therefore, in teacher training is to work with a small group of committed students who wish to follow in this sharing process. They will probably be students who are already attending the Bushey School of Yoga and will have been for some time. In taking up the challenge of teacher training the good name of Yoga and the respect of all teachers past and present can be continued. This is our goal.