Devon School Of YogaYoga Teacher & Practitioner Training

Principal:Duncan Hulin
Telephone:01392 420 573
Location:Exeter, Devon


Welcome to the Devon School of Yoga

The Devon School of Yoga, established in 1989 brings together classes, workshops, retreats and training courses under one umbrella, covering all aspects of the subject. Set in locations around Devon, making Yoga accessible, the ideal surroundings are provided for Yoga practice, study and contemplation. The school teaches a holistic approach to Yoga. As well as coming from an eclectic base its core practises are based on the Dr. Pillai system of Kriyas, Pranayama and Meditation, and its spiritual energy source comes through Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa (of Kerala, South India). The Devon School of Yoga is a member of The Independent Yoga Network.

Aims and Philosophy

  • To provide the foundations on which individuals can improve and maintain their physical, mental and spiritual well-being
  • To train individuals to become inspired competent Yoga teachers and to use specific Yoga methods as a complementary therapy to help others
  • To increase personal and public awareness of natural ways of living, eating and healing, enabling individuals to assume more responsibility for their own health

Philosophy of the School

"Yoga - a way of life" sums up the School's philosophy. The foundations of the school's broad-based approach are grounded in the practise of Hatha and Raja-Yoga. Key points summarising the Schools philosophy are:

  • The ultimate Guru is the Universal Guru within oneself
  • Responsibility for developing health and happiness lies with each individual
  • Many Yoga paths are studied so an intuitive educated choice can be made as to which main path to follow, just as a mountain top can be reached by different routes
  • By purifying our bodies and minds through posture and breath, consciousness can expand to widen our perspective of life. Desire will come naturally to purify our immediate and global environment and to live in harmony with nature and our fellow beings

An ongoing commitment to students

The School aims to help students develop their practice and runs a variety of ongoing enquiry courses throughout the year, with workshops as well as residential retreats in Devon and North India which are a great opportunity for students (past and current!) to meet and share new ideas. As an active member of the Independent Yoga Network, were also able to keep students up-to date with the latest national and international Yoga news and current thinking. The quarterly newsletter compiled by our students has many useful articles and insights into the world of Yoga and always welcomes contributions!

Founder, director and principal teacher: Duncan Hulin

The Devon School of Yoga
4 Barnfield Hill St. Leonards
EX1 1SR