Heart YogaYoga Teacher & Practitioner Training

Principal:Pete Yates
Telephone:01902 424048
Location:Wolverhampton, West Midlands


The central concern of the course is to deepen your practice and experience. I give the course this emphasis because, in Yoga, your teaching is as good as your realisation. As far as I am concerned, you have to teach from your own experience and your own inner being to be authentic, fresh, alive and effective.

To help you to be good teachers, then, I need to help you to come as nearly as possible into permanent contact with your Centre (for want of a better word) so that your intuition with regard to your students needs is highly acute, and your spontaneous wisdom is operative in teaching situations and, indeed, in life in general.

So experience is primary and information is secondary. Having said that, we will be encountering and critically assessing quite large amounts of information! The aim here is to give you a set of maps which will enable you to navigate the landscape that the course will open up for you and which will open up, in turn, for your students. Hopefully though, it will become apparent to you that the nature of that landscape is such that it can be mapped in an infinite number of ways, and that at crucial, transformative points no map can ever be adequate and all maps ultimately have to be abandoned.

My own teaching on the course will be alert to who you uniquely are and what your talents are. This means I will be helping you towards your Centre and your own style of teaching and your own speciality. I dont want to produce clones of myself! Still less do I want to school you in any narrow story about the way the world, life and people work. There is nothing alive in living inside a story and to teach well and live well it is more important for you to be fully authentic and fully alive than anything else.

The School of Heart Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (200) with the Yoga Alliance.

Graduates of a School on the Yoga Register (YRS) are entitled to use the letters YRT (Yoga Register Teacher) and benefit from a discounted subscription rate of ?25 for annual entry on The Yoga Register.