Inner Healing School of YogaYoga Teacher & Practitioner Training

Principal:Gail & Brian Cosserat
Telephone:01933 224963


Our approach is at all times holistic, and we regard yoga as the best of all therapies. We believe that yoga is a gift that should be available to all, regardless of age, ability, faith, status or circumstances. Our base is largely around Northamptonshire, though teachers we have trained promote our work all over England and abroad.

Since forming we have trained just under 100 yoga teachers. We have a membership of over 200. The Inner Healing School of Yoga offers:

Rully accredited 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, Foundation Course in Yoga Studies, Diploma in Indian Head Massage, Yoga in Schools and Hospitals, Both private and public classes, Chair yoga for the less mobile, Meditation group, Frequent workshops covering many aspects of yoga and related topics, Chanting, Master classes, Diploma in remedial Yoga, Magazine - Yoga in Mind

For further information about the workshops, courses, membership and meditation please visit our website. We have a dedicated team of teachers, assessors and examiners. We believe firmly that yoga is about fun, friendship and mutual support. We believe that through posture work, relaxation, use of the breath and concentration we can learn to be more effective human beings, we can learn to trust our intuition and we can learn to move forward with joy and with confidence. In short we learn to love ourselves fully. We rejoice in the individuality of our style of teaching, and the friendly and professional way we approach it. We are delighted to be part of an organisation such as the Independent Yoga Network which will support the development of yoga as a spiritual journey. As Iyengar says, 'Though yoga in the West is often considered to be only physical, it is also a physio-psychological and psycho-spiritual subject.' If there is no spiritual aspiration then it is not truly yoga.