Liza Keogh Yoga

Principal:Liza Keogh
Telephone:US 505 375 0070
Location:US, Mexico, International


The Liza Keogh Yoga 200-hour Basic Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Practice Course is designed to provide beginners and more experienced students alike with a solid foundation in basic principles of:

Yoga philosophy

  • An understanding of yogas historical development
  • The foundational poses, their adaptations, and methods of sequencing
  • Working knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
  • Basic knowledge of the subtle body systems
  • Techniques for pranayama that are considered safe for the general population
  • Methods of self-observation that support ongoing growth as a person and a yoga teacher.

At the core of this curriculum, and in its presentation through the lead instructor, is the belief that a joyful and effective yoga practice can be presented to the individual, through the class setting, such that a long and hopefully fruitful relationship with the Self may be fostered and supported. 

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