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Principal:Michelle Almond
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Studio One Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training - 200+ contact hours with tutors

Demanding and creative Studio One Yoga looks to break away from the cookie cutter mould of teaching clones. We ask you to bring your personality to the table and use that as the foundation for your teaching. Teaching with integrity and truth is what we are looking for so if you like to chant open your mouth, if it's not your bag that's fine too!

The fundamentals of yoga will be taught in a safe, open environment and will allow you to feel confident teaching, learning and adjusting asanas, delivery of breathing and meditation techniques and safe instruction.


You do not have to take part in this training with a view to teaching. Some people complete their 200-hour training simply to delve a little deeper, spend more time focusing on the finer details or just for a change in skill. However, please bear in mind that this is a teaching certificate so assessment of your delivery is a must regardless of whether you then go on to teach. 


This is a very practical course; therefore, it is a requirement that you spend time at home reading and developing your own practice to aid your learning throughout. We will be issuing homework tasks during the course but if you have any specific needs or requirements to help aid this process please do let us know upon application.


Passing the course is dependent on your ability to teach with mindful sequencing and confidence of self, completion of all homework tasks to a high standard and attitude, conduct and respect for others throughout the course. Assessments will be carried out during and at the end of the course.


Since we are accepting a small number of students we ask that you are open, supportive and respectful of other views/opinions and embrace them as part of your learning.


We look forward to welcoming you on the next step of your yoga journey. Namaste.



Our next course starts in October 2018 with a week long intensive; we then complete roughly one three-day weekend a month until June 2019


Venue - Studio One Yoga, Standish, Wigan 

Tutors - Michelle Almond, Martyn Matthews, Faith Hunter


Email: for more information and an application form

Call: 01257 424855


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