Unity Integral Yoga Teacher Training

Principal:Deva Sevanti
Telephone:01273 778400
Location:The Unity Center Lewes East Sussex


This professional Teacher Training Diploma is recognised by the IYN and comprises of a 10 month course: next course starts 10th October 2019.
These weekends offer a thorough foundation in the yoga teacher training. In addition to studying the detailed Yoga syllabus, there will also be structures specific to the students personal development including Movement Meditations & Dance (Sufi/Biodanza/'Moving from Within), Co-Listening and Oekos (group/duo check-ins), Osho Meditations (Movement & Stillness) and partner Massage & Relaxation. Emphasis is placed on the essence of Yoga as a lifestyle, a journey not a destination. A path to being more present, more honest, more integrated - with ourselves, others, and the world around us. It is also a path of celebration, a way of acceptance, surrender and inner peace. A good teacher is one who lives by example. The diploma is open to all who have a passion to develop themselves to their potential. To hear the call of going inwards in meditation and bringing the inner buddha to the surface, to live in happiness and harmony in our present day world.
Additional respected and renowned teachers share their passion and experience in specific subjects, bringing a diverse range of subjects and approaches to the heart of Yoga. The core of meditation and authentic practice runs through all facilitators to deliver a dynamic and fresh framework for each student to blossom as an individual and as a teacher.
Students will also teacher an 8-week beginner's course and an 8-week intermediate course as part of they training.