Windfire Yoga Teacher TrainingYoga Teacher & Practitioner Training

Principal:Godfrey Devereux


A practice based training it explores the possibilities of human movement, action, stillness, perception and awareness on the basis of the inherent intelligence of the body. By accessing this intelligence through sensitive, rhythmic movements the neuromuscular pathways of integrity necessary to sustained stillness and silent clarity become possible. You will learn the biomechanical, anatomical and physiological principles of action necessary to safe and effective yoga posture and pranayama practice directly from your own body in action. In doing so you will be shown how to teach the same to others gradually, systematically and progressively through the art of Vinyasakrama and the agency of 5 Vinyasa Training Series. Both postural and breath techniques are approached as lenses to the meditative mind, allowing the distinction between asana, pranayama and meditation to become irrelevant, and the eight limbs of yoga to reveal themselves to sustained attentiveness.

Embodiment of sensitivity, integrity and awareness is the core of the training and the focus of the 120 contact hour Depth Intensive (, while the art of teaching is presented in the 145 contact hour Teaching Skills Course (