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Our yoga teacher training course provides a real and thorough understanding of the different yoga poses (asanas) in their inner meanings, and also of the seven so-called "chakras" or energy centres. There is a great emphaisis on asana practice, which is active and strengthening, and at the same time expressive and aesthetic. Expert tuition helps students form each asana to the best of their potential, shaping them artistically and to practice more advanced asanas. Students learn to express a natural harmony, spaciousness and lightness in the movements out of an active, ordered and clear consciousness.

The training programme is based on the New Yoga Will developed by the contemporary spiritual teacher Heinz Grill. The understanding and practice of the yoga asanas is inpired by the imaginative ideas contained in Grill's book "The Soul Dimension of Yoga" as well as other books by him. These books describe some of the spiritual qualities that underlie nature, the human being and the whole of life. As students learn to develop mental pictures and inner feelings for these qualities, they can discover and develop these same qualities within themselves, and so develop new personal strengths and new depth in life generally.

Course content
The rich and varied content combines a deep theoretical understanding with physical practice in a way that is very relevant to life. Themes include, amongst others:

* Understanding and practising the yoga asanas.
* Developing a new, artistic way of giving shape to the yoga poses
* Yoga practice and its connection to our health
* The holistic make-up of the human being.
* Developing personal strengths for everyday life
* Energy flow and the chakras
* The spine, its spiritual meaning, and its physical anatomy, energy in the spine
* The meaning of breathing and its relationship to the consciousness
* Thought, the nervous system, concentration and meditation
* The different approaches to yoga and the evolution of human consciousness
* Teaching and communication skills

Course structure
The teacher training course consists of monthly weekend workshops and follows a modular approach. To complete each module students need to attend the three weekends which make up that module and complete a written or verbal assignment. A 200 yoga teaching certificate, accredited by the Independent Yoga Network will be issued following completion of 8 modules or 24 weekends. A third year of study is in planning, leading to a 500 hour certificate. This flexible, modular system means that you can join the course at the start of each module or come for a trial weekend at any time.

Extons Barn, Milverton, Somerset, TA4 1RG

Extons Barn is a peaceful, rural yoga studio 20 minutes from Taunton. During the breaks you will be able to enjoy lovely gardens or country walks with stunning views of the Quantock hills. Accommodation with local families can be arranged if necessary.

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Karen Patterson

tel: 01823 400122

Yoga in SomersetYoga in Somerset