Yoga SanctuaryYoga Teacher & Practitioner Training

Principal:Stephen Harrison
Telephone:02380 631 399


This transformative 200 hour Teacher Training & Advanced Studies programme, accredited by the Independent Yoga Network, provides an opportunity to imbue the essence of the Yoga teaching into the very fabric of your life. The course offers the ideal launch pad for aspiring Yoga teachers, a breath of fresh and inspiring yogic air for those already teaching, whilst also being a fantastic way to deepen ones own personal practice and understanding of Yoga. Steve Harrison, founder of the Yoga Sanctuary, has developed a programme that is both rich and inspiring. Through the depth of his own practice, Steve has drawn from the roots of Yogas ancient wisdom and distilled its essence to offer an authentic Yoga teaching, that honours each individuals uniqueness. The teaching encourages a playful, creative and innovative approach to the practice. As a teacher and practitioner, you will be connected to the flow of grace pouring through a timeless lineage of yogis, whilst also being a part of its perennial flowering as Yoga continues to talk to each new generation with its universal wisdom and practical application.