YogaCo. Teacher Training200 hour Teacher Training

Principal:Keith Grant


Since first being asked by my Yoga teacher to begin teaching (in 1989) and becoming aware of the varying quality and relevance of training courses available, I have long thought about helping train others to become Yoga teachers. The development of the teacher training side of what I do began in 2008 when the first applicant officially joined me for studies.


This 200 hour course is taught in the form of a mentorship with trainees being instructed and assessed over the length of the course’s 160 contact hours by myself as course director. The balance of 40 hours to be spent attending other classes, observing other Yoga teachers at work, assisting in leading sessions, and setting up beginners classes.

This unique and immersive training in the form of a mentorship has so far only been delivered to long standing students of mine in a one-to-one format and on an invitation only basis.

It is therefore expected that anyone wishing to undergo this interesting approach to Yoga Teacher training will have been attending regular lessons for at least 2 years and already have a personal (home) practice of some kind.

In the future I will expand this training to be delivered in the following formats but would maintain the same level of rigor in what is expected of my trainees:

2 years at 1 x 1.5 hour lessons per week

1 year at 2 x 1.5 hour lessons per week

1 month /4 week/28 day long courses at 6 hours daily

14 weekend workshops at 6 hours daily

14 x 6 week courses (2 hours per week)

Breakdown of course

Due to the one-to-one and individual nature of the course delivery to date, I have chosen not to assign specific lengths of time to each area of study. All are interlinked and layered in delivery in the actual teaching/learning situation.

Students will cover the following:

Anatomy, physiology, Structural fitness, biomechanics, body-mind connection

Yoga History, philosophy, psychology, lifestyle, ethics

Asanas/postures, alignment in, specific/therapeutic uses of

Pranayama/breath control, specific/therapeutic applications of

Bandha, relation to asana and pranayama,


Vinyasa krama/ sequencing

Lesson planning/ session construction

Learning styles and group communication dynamics

Teaching methods, styles and skills

Observing and assisting in lessons, teaching practice

Trainee teachers are required to make their own Yoga manual over the course of the training and present it before qualification.

If you want to take part in this exciting & unique venture at your own pace, please contact me for an application forrm:  or visit