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Akasha Yoga Academy’s approach to teacher training is to encourage each student to become the best practitioner they can be. To delve deep into the ocean of yoga to discover the many benefits and blessings for themselves, and if they choose, to share their knowledge and understanding as a teacher.


The maximum number each year is 12 so everyone receives plenty of attention and a close supportive group emerges to walk the journey with.


This is an in-depth course covering many aspects of yoga – the bar is raised high! Although it is demanding, it is taught with joy, sprinklings of laughter and much empathy and encouragement.


The course is spread over 4 weekend and 2 x 5 days from March – August. However; by August it isn’t ‘pass or fail’ - it is ‘pass or not yet passed’. If students need more time, we will work with them until they complete.


A sincere wish to learn and share is more important than how adept your own practice is.


The course is made up of 180 hours contact time, mostly with Jody, Akasha’s co-founder (in 2008) and current owner and director.


The remaining 70 hours are:


  • Online anatomy course with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

  • Keeping a self-practice diary

  • Case studies

  • Lesson planning

  • Writing up notes




Jody has been practicing yoga since 1991 and teaching since 1999. Her background and first few years of teaching was Ashtanga yoga, but since 2003 her training and teaching is traditional Hatha yoga. She is also trained in Kundalini, Pregnancy, Yin, Restorative and Baby yoga as well as massage – Thai, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Sports and Baby plus Reflexology. She teaches regular classes, courses and workshops at her yoga centre and runs regular yoga holidays.


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