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Principal:Faye Riches & Samantha Ross


Same Star Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Exploration of the Self

At our beautiful light & airy studio in the Dedham the heart of Constable Countryside, our intention is to inspire the yogi to begin the exploration of the self, to shine the light of compassion within, to create space in the restless mind of the seeking yogi, to cultivate the ability to hold safe and sacred space for others from the dwelling place of their own uniqueness.

Our days begin with practices designed to challenge trainees on multiple levels of their being. Perhaps one day you are particularly challenged by asana (postures) another day challenged by the chitta vrittis (mind stuff) that arises from some of these practices.
There will be yin & yang/ Shiva & Shakti essence in equal measure throughout the course, sweat and stillness, abhyasa & viaragya, strong attention to alignment & Lila (playfulness).
The transition from student to teacher requires a deep level of svadyaya to attain an enhanced ability to be the observer.
We delve deeply into all of the yamas & niyamas (social and personal ethics of being a Yogi) and understand the relevance of these adherences in order to remain bouyant

History & Tradition
Covering key aspects of history, philosophical texts and esoteric practices such as kriyas, pranayama, mudras, mythology, meditations and bandhas to ground our modern day practice in its ancient roots.

Great emphasis is placed on your own understanding and experience of the subtle body so that you are able to integrate your knowledge and experience to enable you to teach from a place of authenticity.

Sequencing & Class Planning
You will study, dissect and learn two classes. One based upon steady effort and mindfulness, the other flow based, which takes a sequential approach incorporating rhythm, music and timing. Both classes are designed to be used as foundational tools to begin a teaching journey with confidence. In our class planning sessions you will be given templates to aid you in the creation of your own future classes.

Your Soul’s Voice
Yoga is a world of many voices. Do you have one? Is it your own? Does it feel worthy of being heard? Is it being heard? We help you access your primordial sound, the voice of your deep truths & ultimately the voice of the teacher within.
Come to understand that verbal cuing is not just about instruction, it’s about tapping in to what is true for you, in that way, the voice is heard and understood because it comes from a place deep within the core of your being.
We cover how and when to use the voice throughout class and build confidence through the practice of Kirtan.

Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy taught on this course is focused on functional biomechanics with regards to alignment in asana and our guest speaker will be taking us through some of the more common misalignments in yoga and how to spot & adjust these before injury. We also cover asana in relation to the physiology of the body.

The Business of Yoga
We cover marketing, social media, website design, promotion, accounting, paper work, insurances & continued education recommendations.

Next available course begins Oct 2020

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