Path to Source - Kundalini Yoga Training

Principal:Sivaroshan Sahathevan
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A teacher is not created a teacher is revealed. This is the essence of our philosophy. The training is first and foremost a journey of self-awakening. We believe the power of a teacher is based on the courage to consciously face the shadow that reveals itself within committed Kundalini Yoga Practice.

Kundalini yoga training with Path to Source chisels your character and calibre to become an Alchemist of Life. It is foremost a training to reveal the Authentic you, everything else follows. The call to teach often happens when the ‘cup overflows’, there is no rush there is no requirement when it happens you will know.
Kundalini yoga with Path To Source is inspired by Master’s of Yoga, but in particular Yogi Bhajan. His sharing of ancient yogic techniques in the form of kriya and meditation is powerfully transformative, along with his lectures of profound wisdom.

However, we also respect mastery in other lineages, we believe Yogananda’s Autobiography of a yogi to be an inspirational book worthy of any spiritual seekers bookcase. Vanda Scaravelis evolution of body awareness in yoga has been masterful, Sivanandas offering of mantra etc.
Path to Source kundalini Yoga is for modern life, but we are passionate about anchoring our teachings to ‘Source’, we look to strengthen this connection for people in a way that works for them and to honour Yoga at its deepest essence – Union.

The training is held in Glastonbury- the Heart Chakra of the world. The confluence of Ley lines (energy highways) that merge in Glastonbury facilitates a powerful awakening of the spirit. Weekends will be spent in true community in cottages born to the task of awakening.

The Shape of the Training & Curriculum

The training is broken down into 6 residential weekends in Glastonbury and one 5 day retreat and will cover the 200Hrs required for a Yoga teacher training. This is the foundation training for a journey of awakening. Each weekend includes the following aspects to spark the soul on its journey.

Awakened Fire
The Bridge
Life force
The Source
Soul Light

Each marks a chapter in unfoldment, while also perpetuating our entire lives. The training is anchored by these 7 aspects, with yoga modules delivered across the Weekends and Retreat week.

The training is open to anyone who is called to connect to the deepest part of themselves.  Please contact us for further information for our course.

Lead Teachers
Sivaroshan Sahathevan  -
Ashley Jones  -

Path to Source - Kundalini Yoga TrainingPath to Source - Kundalini Yoga TrainingPath to Source - Kundalini Yoga Training