Yoga Health Mandala (YHM)

Principal:Helen Noakes, Steve Braken, Rupert Johnson
Location:Goa, India


The Yoga Health Mandala (YHM) are a team offering Hatha Yoga trainings and CPD's in the spirit of Vanda Scarvelli.
Our focus is restoring and improving the aliveness of the body through re-education of movement patterns plus encouraging an ongoing enquiry into both the functioning of both the body and mind. We aim to make this approach to yoga accessible and understandable.
We have the honour of some wonderful guest teachers adding to the teaching with three full time teachers Helen, Steve and Rupert. Gary Carter joins us every year, along with a vedic master teacher Ira.

If the sincere invitation of ‘Awakening the Spine’ is of interest to you, then the YHM approach may be just what you’re looking for.
 All details of our courses can be found here.

Yoga Health Mandala (YHM)Yoga Health Mandala (YHM)Yoga Health Mandala (YHM)