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Vivian Callegaro Yoga Academy is a mobile yoga school Founded and managed by Vivian Callegaro, a Trainer with 20 years of solid and successful experience teaching yoga. The Yoga style is called Neuroepigeneticyoga and embraces traditional principles of yoga from India from 5000 years ago combined with her sports and dance background plus physiology further studies and neuroepigenetic principles, resulting in a simple, inclusive, beautiful and efficient technique highly appreciated by Londoners and international students. The trainer has a Foundation in Tantra-Samkhya by Master DeRose from Brazil and several UK qualifications including a degree in Medical Physiology, Personal Training, PTTLS L4 assessor and is heading a Masters in Positive Psychology coaching at University of East London where she provides yoga classes for staff and students since 2015. The school was registered with IYN in 2014 and has been running Trainings in London since. Vivian regularly teaches at BETTER gyms and run extended Trainings in different venues in London and is launching in August this year a two weeks Intensive Foundation course/retreat in Austria, Lungau.
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Vivian Callegaro Yoga AcademyVivian Callegaro Yoga Academy