Yoga Like Water

Principal:Dan Peppiatt
Location:Devon, London


 Our very special teacher 200hour training course came about as a result of Dan teaching workshops, advanced teacher training and intensives at studios all over the UK and in the process meeting a range of truly magical teachers with a huge wealth of experience between them. Disenchanted with the way that many yoga teacher training courses seemed to turn out almost robotic teachers with little authenticity of their own, they decided to put together something very different. A course that retained small numbers of students in each intake and encouraged those yogis to find their own perfect way of both practising and facilitating that journey in others rather than 'teaching' others to follow their instructions mindlessly. A new breed of yoga teacher and way of practising was born!

 Yoga Like Water is without doubt one of the UK's most groundbreaking yoga teacher trainings right now. Approaching the way that yoga is taught and practiced from an entirely new angle, we believe that there should be no separation between 'yoga' and life. We present a myriad ways of practising and provide a safe and supported space in which you can naturally explore what works best for you at this time and how you might share that in a class setting. Our emphasis is always on 'sharing' rather than teaching.

 Expect to explore the eight limbs of yoga from every angle imaginable:


  • Breathwork from traditional pranayama, free-diving techniques & Russian Systema;
  • Physical movement from sources as diverse as Yoga Asana, Qi Gong, Parkour training & Movement Research
  • Meditation, relaxation and concentration techniques from familiar seated and walking meditation through to yoga-nidra, science-based attention-deconcentration and slacklining;
  • Philosophy courtesy of Patanjali, Buddhism, Taoism, Eckhart Tolle, Flow State theory & Krishnamurti!


'Absorb what is useful; reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own' - Bruce Lee

This liberated approach to practice and sharing knowledge and passion attracts both new and existing teachers to an ever expanding tribe of truly inspiring

 'yoga facilitators' whose only passion is to spread this freedom of exploration to their students.

 The range and experience of the tutors is immense and reflects the 'no-boundaries' approach of the collective.

 From Dan Peppiatt's boundless logic based investigations; the Qi Gong inspired flow of Mimi Kuo-Deemer; the Yin / Rocket contrast of Lolo Lam; Forrest yoga inspiration with Jambo Truong; Toni Ann Robert's passion for working with the mind & Ambra Vallo's boundless love of asana. A pinch of yoga therapy from Gemma Peppiatt, sequencing and voice work from Ash Bond, Kat Farrants knowledge of the Business side of yoga & unlimited self-investigation completes this safe, magical space in which to discover how you truly want to deliver yoga to the world.


Yoga Like WaterYoga Like Water