Online Registration


As an alternative to completing the application online, you can also download the relevant form from here - complete the form and email or post it back to us when you have finished.

Student Teacher Registration

Application for IYN membership as a student Yoga teacher


Welcome to the IYN online registration for student teachers. Your school must be registered with the IYN Yoga Register. You can check this on the Schools page [link] of this website or by asking your school.

Student details are not published on the IYN website. This registration is available for up to four years. As part of this application, you will be asked to upload some or all of the supporting documents listed below. Before continuing with your application, please check that you have the relevant documents. We accept the following file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpeg, .png and .odt.

Required documents:

  • A general CV containing a section on your Yoga experience
  • Any relevant training certificate[s]
  • A letter from your school confirming studentship and, if you are going to teach the public, confirming your school’s permission to do so on the basis of their best judgement.
  • If you're applying for BGi insurance and would like CAM therapies added to your insurance policy you will need to provide relevant certificates

  • At the end of the online application you will be asked to make a payment of £10. Payments are taken via Paypal - credit/debit cards accepted if you do not have a Paypal account

Please supply a brief, general CV of the type you would use to apply for a job or educational course. This should include sections on your work experience, education and interests. Add a section on your Yoga experience. Use .pdf, .doc, .docx, jpeg or .odt format for your file[s] please.

Use .pdf, .doc, .docx, jpeg or .odt format for your file[s] please.

*If you are applying for BGi insurance (below) and would like CAM therapies added to your insurance policy please upload any relevant certificates here.

Insurance: Please note, you are required to carry adequate insurance cover as a condition of registration. You may apply for BGi insurance below or provide evidence of cover from another provider. Applicants can hold insurance supplied by any bona fide broker. Minimum cover is £5 million. Teaching without cover automatically voids membership of the IYN. If you use another insurance provider other than BGi, please upload a copy of your cover document.

Insurance - please select one of the following:

Please note: if you already have insurance and haven't uploaded the relevant document[s] - we will be unable to process your application.

* Please upload copies of any relevant certificates in the 'any other documents' Upload section above

I declare that the statements made and answers given in this application are true and that no material information has knowingly been withheld BOTH IN RESPECT OF APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION AND IN RESPECT OF ANY APPLICATION FOR INSURANCE COVER.

I agree to uphold the standards of the IYN Yoga Register and teach safely, responsibly and in a manner which enhances the reputation of the Register and Yoga in general. I understand that my registration is dependent on my carrying current, adequate insurance cover.

I understand that breach of this agreement will result in withdrawal of registration.  I agree that clicking the box below counts as my signature.