The Yoga Register - Registration Forms

Please read about the different forms available and choose the most relevent to your situation.The Yoga Register is an initiative created by the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) to provide Registration for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Training Schools. It offers both rigour and flexibility and teachers from a very diverse range of backgrounds and experience can use it.

Teacher forms

Teacher from a registered school

If you hold a certificate from one of our registered schools, download this form. Registration fee is £25 per annum. Check that your school is registered.


Teacher with independent training or from a non-registered school

If you are a teacher with independent training and experience and/or a certificate from a non-registered school, download this form. Registration is £45 in the first year and £25 per annum thereafter.


Yoga Elder

If you have 5000 hours or more of successful teaching experience, download this form. Registration is £25 per annum.


Student teacher

If you are a student of a registered school, download this form. Registration fee is £10 per annum and is available for up to four years.


School form

If you wish to register a teacher training school or programme, download this form. The registration fee is £200  per annum.


Post-Diploma Course

If you wish to register a post-diploma course suitable for teachers and offering training in some speciality or distinct approach, download this form. This registration is available to Yoga Elders and already registered TT schools.


The teacher application forms also give you the option of applying for our comprehensive Yoga Teacher's Insurance, brokered by insurance brokers This offers £5 million of cover worldwide except the USA and Canada. Your main residence needs to be in the UK or Eire. There are no extra charges for activites such as Pregnancy Yoga, Children's Yoga etc. and a wide range of CAM therapies are also covered. BGi give a £10 discount for IYN teachers. You are however free to shop around for your insurance cover: we only require that you are covered adequately if actively teaching. Insurance cover and membership don't need to be in synch which is helpful if you are transfering from another organisation.

Payment can be made by various methods including through PayPal from this site. In some cases it is convenient for the applicant to send the application to us attached to an email. You may need the form in a different format to do this: please ask.


If you are unsure which payment applies to you, please get in touch.