Payment of your initial registration fee or renewal is simple, secure and quick with PayPal.

Click the appropriate button and you will be taken to the IYN page of the PayPal site. Pay your fee using your credit card and you will then be returned to this page. You will receive an email confirming your payment. Payments are made in GB pounds, but your credit card company will debit you in your local currency.



Teacher qualified by a Registered School or as a Yoga Elder or renew any teacher registration. Registration fee £25.


Teacher qualified by a Non-Registered School or as an Independent Teacher. Initial registration fee £45. (Renewal is £25: use above button.)


Teacher Training School initial registration or renewal. Registration fee £200.


Student member of IYN initial registration or renewal. Registration fee £10.



Payment by Standing Order

We prefer repeat payments (from UK based schools and teachers) to be made by standing order for both school fees and teacher fees. This saves us time and money which can be put to use lobbying on your behalf and generally representing your interests, so please take up this option. School fees can be paid quarterly or annually and a reduced rate is available if you have a sabbatical year. Click on the appropriate link below to download a standing order form (PDF format).

Registered Teacher Fees
Registered School Fees Annual
Registered School Fees Quarterly
Registered School Fees Annual Reduced
Registered School Fees Quarterly Reduced