Yogamamma Pregnancy Yoga teacher Training

Principal:Cathrine Widerøe Mathiesen
Location:Oslo, Norway


Yogamamma Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training/Post-Graduate Course

The Yogamamma training teaches pregnancy yoga that is specifically and mindfully designed on the basis of pregnant women’s needs to support them physically and mentally through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Yogamamma trainees will offer yoga that can heal modern women’s bodies, feelings and experiences around pregnancy and childbirth and restore their faith in themselves as mothers, female community and Mother Nature. The philosophy behind the Yogamamma-training is deeply rooted in the belief that a pregnancy yoga teacher must be connected to her own femininity and needs, and her own yoga practice must be one that supports and nourishes herself through the cycles of womanhood.

Goal for the training is to

  • develop a clear understanding of the physical and emotional process of pregnancy and birth
  • understand how yoga can be a powerful both preventive and healing tool for all stages of pregnancy, including the fourth trimester
  • create confidence in trainees to design and teach their own pregnancy yoga classes
  • inspire trainees to teach these classes in a safe, truthful and supportive way
  • understand the role of the yoga teacher and mindfully get to know themselves in this role
  • be respectful of yoga as a holistic practice with its eight limbs - not just asana
  • continue to grow a community of teachers who share yoga as a powerful and beautiful tool for women.

The training is held in Oslo, Norway biannually, Monday thru Saturday. The total time of the course is 65 hours, out of which 40 is contact teaching hours and 25 are non-contact hours. The 40 contact hours include daily practice, demonstration, level discussions (in the group and in pairs), sharing in circles, exercises, partner work and two external presentations on 'The physiology and anatomy of pregnancy’ and ‘Optimal birth’. The 25 non-contact hours include personal reflections, journaling, observation of six pregnancy yoga classes (live or online) taught by at least four different teachers, reading course material and preparing a full class plan as the written part of the final work (course exam).

Lead teacher Cathrine Mathiesen has enjoyed more than 20 years of yoga practice, and 10 years of teaching in London (Triyoga, The Life Centre, The Special Yoga Centre) and now Oslo. She has an Iyengar background and 200 hours training from Yogacampus, specialising in yoga as therapy, pregnancy yoga and mama/baby yoga. She also has a BA in Sociology and Communication and Creative Leadership and Social Innovation from the KaosPilots.

She says: ‘with my three children I have experienced the incredible benefits of yoga through pregnancy and birth, and in reclaiming a healthy post-baby body in a safe and gentle way. Together we are exploring the continuous benefits of yoga and mindfulness in motherhood and family life. More than anything, my children and my continuous work with yoga for women’s health and wellbeing has taught me the importance of a fluid, organic and truthful practice. As a result I teach yoga that is sensitive to and supports women’s bodies, experiences and journey. This approach has not only allowed me to keep my practice going through life changes and transitions, but has helped me embrace and handle life in the same way’.

Cathrines book Yogamamma was published in Norway this year.

Yogamamma Pregnancy Yoga teacher TrainingYogamamma Pregnancy Yoga teacher TrainingYogamamma Pregnancy Yoga teacher Training