The Directors

The current  IYN company directors are Pete Yates, Company Secretary, Ellen Lee, Chair and Jim Gough-Olaya, Treasurer.  All three have had decades of Yoga teaching experience. Pete is founder and director of  The Parkdale Yoga Centre and Ellen of the Bushey School of Yoga. Jim has wide experience of teaching Yoga in prisons and to the terminally ill, as well as training teachers in an apprenticeship system.


Pete Yates and Ellen Lee currently look after registration. Pete Yates is founder and director of the Parkdale Yoga Centre and Heart Yoga teacher training. He was the first Chair of the IYN and held the post for nearly six years.

Festival Team

2017 team:  Rachel Wiiliamson [co-ordinator], Kim Davis [bookings], Ashish Bhatia, Steve Williamson [web site], Jayne Morrisey [programme].

Namaskaram (IYN e-zine and news letter)

Namaskaram is edited by Debiie Farrar, Head of Feel Now Yoga Teacher Training Programme/

Aesthetics and Semiotics

The following consult on the appearance and content of IYN materials: Sama Fabian, Tanya Sayed, Pete Yates, Godfri Devereux and Stef Cartwright. Sama and Tanya are founders and directors of the Aurolab Teacher Training, one of the first IYN schools. Godfri is founder of Windfire Yoga, also an original IYN school, and Stef leads the Innate Music project.

Yoga Show

The IYN presence at the Yoga Show in 2016 is being co-ordinated by Ellen Lee,  IYN Chair.

Politics, lobbying and external liaison

Pete Yates and Ellen Lee represent the IYN with bodies that are likely to impact on the future of Yoga, including Parliament, SkillsActive, BWY, Sport England etc., and their work is always informed by the central IYN aim of keeping Yoga free.

Teacher representatives

Paul Collins, Stef Cartwright, Kathryn Varley.

Administration & Data Management

Trevor Latham


The Directors

Dr Pete Yates, Secretary

Dr Pete Yates, Secretary

Ellen Lee, Chair

Ellen Lee, Chair

Jim Gough-Olaya, Treasurer

Jim Gough, Treasurer